Equip your students with practical tools to support their mental wellbeing

With Haptivate online wellbeing workshops, students discover evidence-based techniques to improve their wellbeing in an engaging, accessible format.

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Looking to take a preventative approach to student wellbeing support? You’re on exactly the right track.

COVID-19 is placing students under even greater levels of stress while making it more challenging for academic institutions to provide wellbeing support when it’s needed.

But by taking a skills-based approach, you can build the resilience of your student community and empower individuals to handle the challenges of student life more easily and independently.

Haptivate can equip your students in your own facilitator-led online wellbeing skills workshop.

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Practical, evidence-based approaches

Our workshops are based on the latest scientific research and best practices.

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Interactive and engaging

Get hands on and experience for yourself how simple tools and techniques can change your neurochemistry and boost your mood.

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Immediate impact

Get tangible results - students come away with concrete actions they can take for a wellbeing boost.

“I can’t recommend Haptivate highly enough.

They’re subject matter experts who make exploring happiness, wellness, and health at work relevant and interesting. Their workshops support us to incorporate health and wellbeing into everything that we do.”

David Benson, Head of Organisational Development at Catalyst

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A tailored learning experience that will get you results

Not sure if wellbeing workshops will appeal to students? Maybe you’ve been burned in the past by fluffy wellbeing sessions that have failed to resonate?

Don’t worry! We pride ourselves on delighting even the most sceptical audiences. All bookings come with a free pre-workshop consultation. This means we can deliver a tailored workshop experience that matches the unique culture, challenges and goals at your institution.

How does it work?

What this workshop will do for your students...

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After your workshop, they’ll be able to:

“I would highly recommend Haptivate to other organisations – their workshops could not be more relevant to what is happening in these uncertain times. We have already booked three more!”

Luisa Hinds, Programme Officer at Chevening

Discover the science of wellbeing at work.

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“Haptivate delivered a brilliant tailored session during our all hands meeting. We were a little concerned about how things would work in a virtual format but the session was excellent and we received lots of great feedback.”

Gareth Stockdale, CEO of Micro:bit

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The science of motivation & productivity

Explore the neuroscience of motivation and discover productivity hacks you can use to maximise your performance.

Discover how the brains reward system works and how we can tap into it to get ourselves and others ‘in the zone’ – and stay there. 

We’ll examine the latest neuroscientific research, theories of motivation and experimental evidence, addressing topics including overcoming procrastination, accessing ‘flow’ and creating effective goals and incentives.

What are the benefits?

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Wellbeing for remote workers

Explore practical strategies, techniques and best practices you can use to stay happy, motivated and productive while working remotely. 

Remote teams have different needs and challenges when it comes to maintaining wellbeing. Both employer and employee need to account for this and be proactive about managing and maintaining wellbeing.

Utilising the latest scientific research and best practices from successful remote companies, we’ll explore practical approaches to creating healthy routines, managing isolation and maintaining motivation.

What are the benefits?

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Coping with COVID: Maintaining mental wellbeing during Coronavirus

Discover science-based techniques to look after ourselves during the Coronavirus lockdown and stay positive and productive.

At this time of profound uncertainty, it’s even more important than usual to be proactive about managing our mental wellbeing.

Tapping into the latest research from areas including neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology, we’ll explore practical approaches to dealing with stress, uncertainty, isolation and the need to self-motivate.

What are the benefits?

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Haptivate is available online for remote teams

Join a workshop from any device

Your team can get a wellbeing boost no matter where they’re working and what equipment they have access to.

New remote working content

Going remote in a hurry poses a host of new wellbeing at work challenges. No worries – we’ve got them covered!

Engaging, interactive and hands-on

Our online workshops feature the same great activities and team-work you’ll experience at our in-person workshops.

HD video and audio

We’re using the best technology available, allowing up to 100 people to participate in sparkling HD!

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Haptivate are dedicated to making you successful. We understand how precious the money you spend on self-development is and that working with a new company can feel like a risk.

That’s why we stand behind the effectiveness of our workshops with a no-quibble money back guarantee. If you give one of our workshops an honest try and are not wowed by your experience, send us an e-mail and we will take care of things.

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Haptivate 101: Intro to the science of happiness at work

Discover a host of practical techniques that can boost mood, bust stress and help you to feel happier.

Haptivate 101 is an introductory workshop on how to bring greater positivity into your daily routine, using techniques based on the latest scientific research.

This interactive learning and team-bonding experience gives you practical tools to bust stress, boost mood and feel more connected.

What are the benefits?

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