Self-confidence for career progression – 1-day workshop

Build confidence and develop a positive mindset using techniques from the worlds of neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness.

Would you like to feel more confident in yourself?

Do you struggle to assert yourself at work?

Do you worry that you’re not good enough?

Do you pass up opportunities because you’re scared of making mistakes?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, negative self-beliefs may be holding you back and limiting your career potential.

This one-day course uses positive psychology and mindfulness techniques to build confidence and self-esteem. We focus on practical approaches that can help you to improve your performance at work and open up doors for future career progression.

What are the benefits?

  • Feel a greater sense of self-worth and self-esteem
  • Identify, understand and tap into your unique strengths at work
  • Get mindfulness-based tools to lift yourself at times when your confidence is low
  • Develop a more positive attitude to new challenges
  • Know how to get out of your comfort zone and take calculated risks
  • Become more comfortable talking about yourself and your strengths

What does the course cover?

1. Overcoming limiting self-beliefs

Our brains have evolved to have a bias towards negative patterns of thinking. Often the negative thoughts we have about ourselves hold us back from achieving our full potential. We’ll explore how to recognise and challenge common negative mindsets and limiting self-beliefs, using neuroplasticity to retrain our thinking into more positive patterns.

2. Identifying personal strengths

If you hope to climb your career ladder, being able to promote your strengths is an essential skill. We’ll share tried and tested techniques to help you identify and communicate your strengths, achieving the delicate balance between confidence and arrogance.

3. Emotional regulation techniques

Lacking confidence is a common source of stress and anxiety at work. We’ll explore practical techniques that tap into the body’s autonomic nervous system to help you feel calmer, more focused and more in control. This can help you to perform at your best in challenging situations like presentations, appraisals and high-pressure meetings.

4. Taking control of your career path

Where would you like to go next in your career and how do you get there? We’ll draw on your unique strengths, skills and personal values to develop a self-confidence action plan. You’ll take away practical strategies and techniques that you can put into practice immediately to build forward-momentum in your personal growth and career path.

All of our courses have scientific focus, combining research with interactive exercises to explore practical techniques that can immediately benefit wellbeing and career satisfaction.

Course led by Rosa Connor

Rosa Connor is a co-founder of Haptivate. She has over 10 years of experience working with individuals and leaders all over the world to develop their confidence and resilience skills. Rosa has trained executives, business leaders, HR teams and facilitators. She created and leads the popular Women in Leadership Programme, which is being rolled out nationally. She is a qualified mindfulness teacher, yoga teacher and coach who has dedicated her life to sharing these tools with others to drive social change and create a happier, more peaceful society.


24 May 2019


10:00 - 16:00




The Haptivate Hub
Camden, London

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