Help your people feel and perform at their best.

Transform team well-being and productivity with workshops, courses and consulting based on the latest scientific research.

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Sometimes, making great things happen at work takes its toll.

Spiralling complexity, lightning-fast competition and the constant pressure to adapt can wear down even the strongest of teams.

With the right training and know-how, you can solve that problem.

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Proactively improve well-being at work and sustain top performance

Upskill your teams with proven, science-based techniques to boost productivity, engagement and happiness at work.

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Corporate workshops

Positively boost your team with an inspiring on-site workshop delivered by one of our expert facilitators.

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Courses for individuals

Chart a happier and more successful career-path with our programme of soft-skills development courses.

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Cultural transformation

Re-imagine your employee experience with our expert guidance on well-being strategy.

How it works

Everyone has the potential to feel happier.

Research has shown that you can train your brain to increase positive emotion and build resilience to negative thoughts and experiences.

Organisations with happy staff achieve better business outcomes, receiving a positive return on investment in staff well-being. 

We’ll help you to develop practical well-being skills and build a happier working culture using the latest tools from the worlds of neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness.

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What you get when you work with Haptivate...

If you’re looking for a unique approach that will energise your organisation, you’ve come to the right place.

Engage + Inspire

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Inclusive and accessible

Ever felt like well-being just isn’t your thing? Haptivate has got your back! We’ll show you how anyone can tap into their biology to feel happier. It’s not just for zen-masters and yoga-bunnies!

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Evidence-based approach

Discover proven techniques based on the latest psychological and neuroscientific research - Haptivate workshops are a fluff-free zone.

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Down-to-earth facilitators

Work with fantastic humans who impart expert knowledge with enthusiasm, humility and humour - the only gurus in the room will be you by the end of your session!

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Explore + Understand

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Hands-on and interactive

Experience for yourself how simple tools and techniques can change your neurochemistry and boost your mood - slightly weird, but totally amazing!

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Stress-busting and energising

Take a break and recharge your batteries with powerful guided relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Feel re-energized in a matter of minutes.

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Open communication

Create a comfortable and supportive space for your team to share and connect about well-being at work. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Act + Transform

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Innovative strategies

Explore the exciting innovations being used by best-in-class organisations to enhance well-being and productivity.

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Instant impact

Get tangible results - you’ll come away with concrete actions you can take for an immediate boost to happiness at work.

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Make it your own

Co-create fresh and authentic initiatives to weave the science of happiness into the fabric of your organisation.

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"It’s great to be able to offer sessions where staff gain tools they can take away and put into immediate practice. A great experience from start to finish and the delegates really valued the training."
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Perform + Profit

Research shows that happy people do better work, boosting your bottom line.

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lower staff turnover

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We put our money where our mouth is...

Haptivate are dedicated to making you successful. We understand how precious budget is and that working with a new partner can feel like a risk.

That’s why we stand behind the effectiveness of our workshops with a no-quibble money back guarantee. If you give one of our workshops an honest try and are not wowed by your experience, send us an e-mail and we will take care of things.

Working with Haptivate helps to build happier communities

Every time an organisation chooses to work with us, they’re giving back to society. Your booking will help to fund projects that teach well-being skills to communities.

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Haptivate 101: Intro to the science of happiness at work

Discover a host of practical techniques that can boost mood, bust stress and help you to feel happier.

Haptivate 101 is an introductory workshop on how to bring greater positivity into your daily routine, using techniques based on the latest scientific research.

This interactive learning and team-bonding experience gives you practical tools to bust stress, boost mood and feel more connected.

What are the benefits?

  • An engaging, science-led approach to wellbeing
  • Practical techniques with immediate impact
  • Encourage and enable a proactive stance on personal well-being
  • Boost morale and strengthen team bonds
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Learn more about this corporate workshop

Interested in courses for individuals?