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Getting wellbeing at work right has never been more challenging. Creating a culture that’s truly people-first requires continuous creativity and innovation. Tried and tested approaches no longer cut it – particularly in a remote-working context.

Any remote work strategy that overlooks wellbeing as a critical factor risks teams becoming burnt out, demotivated and disengaged at a time when your organisation is under enormous external pressure. 

Avoiding these pitfalls requires wellbeing to be a key factor in every decision about how work is organised and carried out – right across your organisation. Achieving this requires a clear blueprint and shared understanding of the drivers of well-being at work.

Pulling this off is no easy task but the organisations that do will be well-rewarded. A clear and comprehensive approach to well-being at work provides a solid foundation upon which sustainable business performance can be maintained.

Our expert team are here to guide you on this journey, whether you’re refreshing your existing approach or getting started for the very first time.

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Co-create a happier working culture in just half a day with this unique team-building experience!

Tap into the skills, creativity and passion of your team to enhance your workplace culture. You’ll take a crash course in the latest research into the science of the happiness at work. You’ll discover your colleagues unique values and talents. Then it’ll be time to form a team and race against the clock to develop a small project that will help make your organisation a happier place to work.

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Sustain higher levels of performance and productivity by up-skilling managers to proactively support and promote team wellbeing, resilience and productivity.

This one-day training includes:

Understanding stress
Explore the leading causes of work-related stress and learn practical techniques to manage stress-levels for yourself and your team.

Unlocking motivation
Discover leading theories of motivation, learn to identify the root causes of disengagement and find new approaches to boost team productivity.

Collaborating effectively
Learn how to communicate, handle conflict and build consensus quickly and efficiently in common team scenarios.

What are the benefits?

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Equip a group of your staff to develop a tailored wellbeing strategy using the latest research into the science of happiness and wellbeing.

You’ll develop an understanding of the strategic drivers of wellbeing at your organisation and the best practice strategies you can use to manage these factors. You’ll also discover practical tools and information to support colleagues with their wellbeing. Most importantly, we’ll help you find ways to implement these measures that feel right for your organisation.

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Re-imagine your employee experience and create a thriving, wellbeing-centric culture at your organisation.

Whether it’s re-evaluating your existing approach to wellbeing, creating a business case for investment in staff wellbeing, or building a tailored wellbeing strategy framework from scratch, Haptivate can help you achieve your objectives with expert guidance and the latest research and best practices.

What are the benefits?

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Explore ways we can help your organisation:

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We’ve created our services from the ground up to to tackle the pitfalls with existing wellbeing at work formats and offer better alternatives.

Working with Haptivate helps to build happier communities

Every time an organisation chooses to work with us, they’re giving back to society. Your purchase will help to fund projects that teach wellbeing skills to communities.

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The science of motivation & productivity

Explore the neuroscience of motivation and discover productivity hacks you can use to maximise your performance.

Discover how the brains reward system works and how we can tap into it to get ourselves and others ‘in the zone’ – and stay there. 

We’ll examine the latest neuroscientific research, theories of motivation and experimental evidence, addressing topics including overcoming procrastination, accessing ‘flow’ and creating effective goals and incentives.

What are the benefits?

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Wellbeing for remote workers

Explore practical strategies, techniques and best practices you can use to stay happy, motivated and productive while working remotely. 

Remote teams have different needs and challenges when it comes to maintaining wellbeing. Both employer and employee need to account for this and be proactive about managing and maintaining wellbeing.

Utilising the latest scientific research and best practices from successful remote companies, we’ll explore practical approaches to creating healthy routines, managing isolation and maintaining motivation.

What are the benefits?

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Coping with COVID: Maintaining mental wellbeing during Coronavirus

Discover science-based techniques to look after ourselves during the Coronavirus lockdown and stay positive and productive.

At this time of profound uncertainty, it’s even more important than usual to be proactive about managing our mental wellbeing.

Tapping into the latest research from areas including neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology, we’ll explore practical approaches to dealing with stress, uncertainty, isolation and the need to self-motivate.

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Join a workshop from any device

Your team can get a wellbeing boost no matter where they’re working and what equipment they have access to.

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New remote working content

Going remote in a hurry poses a host of new wellbeing at work challenges. No worries – we’ve got them covered!

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Engaging, interactive and hands-on

Our online workshops feature the same great activities and team-work you’ll experience at our in-person workshops.

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HD video and audio

We’re using the best technology available, allowing up to 100 people to participate in sparkling HD!

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Haptivate are dedicated to making you successful. We understand how precious the money you spend on self-development is and that working with a new company can feel like a risk.

That’s why we stand behind the effectiveness of our workshops with a no-quibble money back guarantee. If you give one of our workshops an honest try and are not wowed by your experience, send us an e-mail and we will take care of things.

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Haptivate 101: Intro to the science of happiness at work

Discover a host of practical techniques that can boost mood, bust stress and help you to feel happier.

Haptivate 101 is an introductory workshop on how to bring greater positivity into your daily routine, using techniques based on the latest scientific research.

This interactive learning and team-bonding experience gives you practical tools to bust stress, boost mood and feel more connected.

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